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About Network Wellness Center

Network Wellness Center is the premier provider of chiropractic services in Boulder County. We stand out amongst other local chiropractor specialists because of our unique, holistic, and advanced spinal approach designed to address alignment and neural integrity.

At Network Wellness Center, we use the NetworkSpinal™ system to categorize and assess the causes of stress, whether physical, chemical, or emotional, that result in spinal and neural distress and interference as well as help them reorganize to life with a strong, healthy, well-aligned spine.

Our Vision for Practice Members

Our goal for each person who enters the practice is to effectively and efficiently serve them with the highest clinical quality of NetworkSpinal care possible. We aim to assist our members to discover their true inner connection, transform their lives and awaken their innate capacity for wholeness.

Further, we strive to empower practice members through education on the importance of a healthy spine and nerve system as well as to inspire them to share the gifts of a greater quality of life through the use of the NetworkSpinal approach by exceeding their expectations on every visit with us.

We envision a world where every man, woman and child experiences life through a healthy spine and nerve system.

Our Approach to Care

Unlike others, we focus on a holistic and integrated approach, incorporating techniques centered on the dissipation of spinal tension. We also focus on the development and enhancement of your innate capacity to heal, self-organize, and increase self-correction.

Our innovative approach makes use of the latest in leading-edge chiropractic technologies to determine the state of your spinal, neural, and systemic health. Our computerized assessment tools allow us to form a picture of your overall state of health, including your variable heart rate and your regions of physical, spinal, postural, and neurological stress.

We combine this information with a detailed health history provided by you to determine your wellness score. This unique number gives you an assessment of how well your system is functioning, and helps to determine the most probable causes of your loss of health, which often includes pain, discomfort, and lack of general ease.

Using this three-dimensional set of data, we devise a care plan that is aimed at reducing and eliminating the tension related to, and caused by subluxations, to help you harness the healing and reorganizational powers of your innate intelligence.

Our Core Values

  • Healing comes from within – you are the true source of your healing, removing interferences from expression of your infinite wisdom maximizes wellness.
  • Community – you are the reason we are here, we are grateful for you and value our relationship as well as our Boulder community.
  • Wellness is a lifestyle – health and well-being is a state of continual growth and improvement created by our actions, choices and awareness.
  • A healthy spine is healthy you – you live your life through your nervous system. It’s not about your back, it’s about your life. Having a healthy spine is a top priority at our chiropractic wellness center.
  • Healthy people make healthy choices – the healthier your body is, the better able you are to make and follow through with healthy choices.
  • Customer service – every life is of infinite value and we never take you for granted. We strive for each experience with our office to be extraordinary.
  • Treat everyone like they are family – we believe Network Wellness Center is a community and we appreciate the opportunity for our family to take care of your family.

We Hope to See You Soon

If you’d like to learn more about natural chiropractic care and how our focused care plans can help unlock your true health, we’d love to have you. Contact our team today to book a visit-we proudly offer complimentary consultations.

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