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Underlying Cause of Back Pain in Boulder

spine modelYou may have been told that you have a disc problem. Many people believe that a disc in their back is the source of their pain. As various practitioners diagnose back pain as a disc issue, those diagnoses do not address the real situation.

Imagine seeing cracks in the wall of your house. The real issue isn’t the cracks. It’s the foundation beneath your home. Similarly, disc issues are secondary effects rather than the primary cause of pain. In fact, back pain is your body’s way of telling you that your nerve system has sustained damage due to stress and that your body, especially your spine, is out of alignment and needs to be adjusted.


What’s Really Happening?

Discs don’t usually herniate suddenly. It’s a long, slow process that can often be prevented. The underlying cause is someplace else entirely. It’s in a network of nerves connected to your brain, known as the neuro-skeleton. Think of your body like a marionette with strings that control its movements. These “strings” are the nerves and connective tissues running throughout your body.

When there’s tension in these strings, it affects how your arms, legs, and torso move. As you face various life stresses, be they chemical or emotional, these tensions accumulate, pulling and stretching your body’s nerve tissue and spinal cord.

Like an accordion, your spinal cord can expand and contract by five to seven centimeters. When overstretched, it puts pressure on your discs. As a protective measure, your body might cause a disc to herniate to alleviate this tension.

With NetworkSpinal care, you can receive adjustments that heal the damage in your nerve system and corrects subluxations(misalignments in your spine).

Many doctor’s treat back pain with invasive methods like surgery or injections, which only address the symptoms, not the root cause. Reducing tension on your spinal cord and related tissues is crucial to effectively manage misalignments in your spine, allowing your body to function more naturally.

Addressing the Root Cause

If you’re experiencing back pain, your nerve system is informing you that you need to address the underlying issues in your nerve system and life stressors. Instead of focusing on invasive treatments, consider methods that reduce tension and support overall spinal health.

If you’re struggling with back pain or would simply like to get healthy and stay that way to minimize chance that back pain will occur, contact Network Wellness Center today to schedule a consultation. You and the team at NWC will work together to identify the underlying challenges in your body and move you to a place of optimal health where you feel good, function well, and can enjoy the quality of life you really want.


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