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Natural Chiropractic Approach to Addressing Anxiety

man looking anxious sitting downPeople today are overwhelmed by how much information comes into their personal environment. With so much more going on around us than years ago, sensory input is at an all-time high.

This has become a problem, because our nervous systems haven’t had enough time to adapt to the constant barrage. It’s like a computer that doesn’t have enough bandwidth; it can’t run new software until it’s updated. That overflow of unprocessed data creates anxiety for many.

Keep Your Cup From Overflowing

So, how do you handle all this excess information? There are three choices:

  • Management—making an effort to control the flow of input received may be an effective method of handling your daily anxiety in the short-term, but it’s not a sustainable practice. Delaying or postponing current opportunities may neutralize future growth potential.
  • Downsize—perhaps your response to anxiety is to take on less in your life to limit the effects. While this may work, eventually you’ll stop progressing and become stuck in place. Life begins to feel as if it’s passing you by.
  • Increase capacity—the best option is to find ways to increase your nervous system’s ability to take more on. Increasing your energetic resources allows the body to receive more input without being overwhelmed.

Similar to a corporation with too many customers for its current setup, they either have to expand or go out of business. You have to make the decision to strengthen your nervous system and increase your capacity for new input.

How Chiropractic May Help

In response to anxiety, the nervous system’s role is to adapt and optimize the body’s capacity to have a larger bandwidth and more efficient buffering, so you don’t hit whatever is triggering your anxious symptoms.

Most chiropractic care practices focus on what you have that you don’t like, and how to get rid of it. At Network Wellness Center, our practice is not about you having less. Our focus is on how to optimize what’s already there, and how we help your nervous system obtain a larger bandwidth.

Instead of looking at the negative issues—lowering blood pressure, less anxiety, headaches and such, we focus on more—more adaptive capacity, more joy, more energy, and more bandwidth to handle stress better.

Is anxiety limiting your experience of life? Chiropractic may help you find ways to deal with stress. Contact our office today and make an appointment; we’re here to help.

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