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April Is Stress Awareness Month

mother-daughter-hug-sqAs Boulder is blooming now that we’re in April, something else that’s not so beautiful is emerging for many people—stress. With April being stress awareness month, now’s a perfect time to reassess our stress patterns and distinguish between “ordinary” and “problematic” stress dynamics.

So What Exactly Is Stress?

Stress is an innate physical and mental response to daily life occurrences. Even the most composed people encounter stress sporadically. It’s not unusual; it’s an integral part of our existence. However, if you’re experiencing stress each day, your mental and physical health will be affected.

The Physical Impacts of Stress

Physiologically, stress impacts numerous internal processes. For instance, it may lead to increased muscle tension in the neck, hormone concentration fluctuations, and changes in heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV). These accumulated disruptions may result in long-term health problems, particularly affecting your central nervous system.

Assessing Stress With HRV Monitoring

Minimizing stress begins with consistently monitoring your HRV. Thousands of clinical research papers reveal that HRV provides an accurate and sensitive gauge of mental stress. However, your HRV isn’t solely determined by your heart. It’s measured by your central nervous system as well. As a result, promoting spinal health and enhancing your nervous system’s functionality can assist in reducing stress and mitigating its effect on your body.
Here’s what one patient had to say about his care at Network Wellness Center:

I came to NWC because it was recommended to me as the next level of care beyond SRI. I no longer feel like I’m living in a constant strive to prevent collapse and breakdown. I now feel a stronger sense of “me” and feel more deeply connected to and energized by my call to serve humanity. I continue to receive care because I’m clear that this care is an essential means to access the body-mind that enables me to fulfill my life’s purpose. I enjoy most about the NWC office is the openness to answer my emerging questions as my care deepens. Matthew

Achieving Healthier Stress Levels With Chiropractic

Regular adjustments and spinal tension relief can aid stress management. At Network Wellness Center, our aim is to support you in all facets of life. Schedule your next appointment today. We want to help you manage your stress levels so you can live a fulfilling, healthy, and vibrant life!


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