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Barbecue The Right Way

Family dinner aerial viewMay marks the beginning of a summer spent outdoors, creating memories and sharing some great meals with your friends and family. However, did you know that there are ways you can make your barbecue far, far healthier? There is certainly a good and a bad way to barbecue, so why not start the season right with some good habits you can take into all of the rest of the summer months?

Let’s take a look at some of the simple ways you can upgrade your barbecue game today!

1. Keep Your Barbecue Clean – Make sure you remove all burnt build-up by using a wire brush on your grill in between use.

2. Swap Your Proteins - Lean meats like chicken are delicious on the barbecue, and so are healthy fish like salmon or trout. Try to replace as much red meat as possible with some healthier, equally delicious alternatives.

3. Use Natural Marinades – By marinating your proteins before your grill them, you’ll infuse a natural flavor that doesn’t require any further salt to be tasty and enjoyable. Try fresh herbs and some natural, healthy oils to load your proteins with flavor before they hit the heat.

4. Switch Your Sides – Make store-bought baked beans, potato salad, or coleslaw a thing of the past, and swap them out for some healthy corn, bean salad, or leafy mixed green salad.

5. Go Wholegrain – Wholegrain buns and bread have higher fiber content and are more flavorful than white bread alternatives. Choose some high-quality bread to go with your elevated barbecue experience.

One last tip… If you have a sweet tooth and love to follow a savory meal with something sweet, try grilling some fruits. Apple and pineapple are our favorites but you can also try peaches, plums, bananas, or pretty much any fruit you can imagine.

Elevate Your Health, Too!

Now that you have some tips to upgrade your barbecue, remember to elevate your health with natural chiropractic care. Regular adjustments can help improve your health and allow you to stay active during these warmer months and all year long!

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