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Don't Take Your Spine for Granted-Here's Why

Have you ever stopped to consider all that your spine does for you? If you’re being honest, probably not, right? But every single day, your spine is working hard for you. Not only does the shape of your spine affect your life-but it also houses the information superhighway that connects the brain and body.

Coming off the spinal cord are the nerves-a total of nine miles of nerves lie in the human body! You can think of the body like a marionette puppet, and the nerves act as strings. The strings pull your shoulder, arms, head, legs, hips and feet. When those strings are unwound, you’ll have more control over your body and health.

To learn more about your incredibly important spine and nervous system, Dr. Knowles has created a short, easy-to-understand YouTube video, which you can find below.

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