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Get Yourself Booming on 2 Wheels

It’s National Bike Month! It’s no secret that biking is big in Boulder, and the spring weather is finally here! It’s a great time to get outside and increase your movement during this beautiful weather. Our practice members love the mobility function and improved performance that they gain from their chiropractic care. So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself out on the trails! Here, we have listed some of Boulder’s best adventure trails to ride through on your bike this spring.

  1. Nelson Loop: Flat and rolling hills for 22 miles. The Nelson Loop is part of Hall Ranch, and many riders appreciate the Nelson Loop because they can go for a more technical climb from the Bitterbrush-lower Section or do something more gentle on the Antelope Trail. Whatever your pace of riding, this trail can be for you. You will enjoy the views as you speed around this singletrack.
  2. Left-Hand Canyon: Long sustained same mountain climb, 38 miles.
  3. The Lefthand Canyon Trail is a loop that features a lake view and is rated on the moderate side. This trail is usually at its best in the spring and summertime months.
  4. Lee Hill Loop: Two-hour ride with steep climbs and blazing descends.
  5. This trail is known as a big brother to the Old State Rd. Trail, which means this route climbs a bit higher and a bit longer, making it a commitment ride. Overall the views are amazing, and if you want a challenge, Lee Hill will give you that.
  6. Carr Lake: Epic touring ride.
  7. Carr Lake begins the Boulder Hop trail and ends at Aspentrail providing you with the ultimate scenic route. These trails are a lot of fun and have both ups and downs along the way.
  8. Flagstaff Road: A longtime favorite.

The foothill that is Flagstaff Mountain reaches 6,983 feet in elevation. The historical mountains of Boulder Parks have a history dating back to 1898. For those brave enough to bike up this steep and twisting trail, you’ll find an epic scenic route with tons of history. There are many historical attractions up flagstaff road that might pique your interest. If you’re looking for a challenge, this one won’t disappoint. If any of those may be too adventurous, just cruise on Boulder Creek Trail for some family fun and maybe even enjoy a picnic. One of the things that you can benefit from when having a strong, healthy, well-aligned spine is getting to enjoy the great outdoors that we have in Colorado. We look forward to seeing you outside and in the practice.

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