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Getting Stress-Free Is More Fun Outside

person kayaking and smilingIt’s no secret that most people have very high stress levels. Frequently, you’ll find your world filled with overwhelm and distraction. A constant stream of notifications, emails, and text messages all serve to put you in a glass-full state, one that’s overflowing!

The amount of data and information you have to process on a daily basis is incredibly elevated, putting stress on your body’s operating system, your central nerve system. When your nerve system is overwhelmed, it’s unable to take on creative possibilities and reach its true potential.

Taking It Outside

Getting outside is not just about movement and sunshine. It’s an opportunity to empty your glass, so you’re not in a constant state of overwhelm. When you get out of your routine, start to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and beauty of your surroundings, it allows your nerve system to relax and become more adaptable and responsive.

Now, it’s in a state where it’s able to handle additional stress with less effort, and you can see more possibilities and potential in your daily life.

How Chiropractic Helps

Stress levels are at an all-time high. Neurological overwhelm makes you more prone to physical injury. When you receive care at Network Wellness Center, you’ll experience a holistic and integrated approach, incorporating techniques centered on the dissipation of spinal tension. Chiropractic care increases nerve system adaptability, giving you a buffer from the stress surrounding you, and a bigger glass!

Engaging in a combination of activities to empty your glass, change your daily routine, and get outdoors decreases your stress level. As stressors decrease, your spine and nerve system become healthier, helping increase overall health too. It’s not about weathering the storm, it’s learning to dance in the rain.

Time to Get Outside!

Ensuring you get appropriate downtime increases heart rate variability, keeping your body free from distress. Spending time outdoors with family and friends might be just what you need. If you’d like help getting healthy and staying that way, call Network Wellness Center today at (303) 998-1000.

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