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Help Your Loved Ones Keep Their Heart in Tick-Top Shape

Whether you’re celebrating your Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day or showing your heart some love this month during National Heart Month, February is a fantastic time to ensure that you and all those you love experience optimal cardiovascular health!

The Importance of HRV

Heart rate variability is the measure of the variation in time intervals between consecutive heartbeats. It indicates the body’s ability to respond to mental and physical stress, and offers insight into an individual’s overall health. HRV is important because it can provide a snapshot of one’s cardiovascular health, susceptibility to stress, and long-term risk for disease.

Higher HRV has been found to be associated with reduced risk of disease and death, and better psychological well-being and quality of life. Having higher HRV is important because it reflects the functioning of the autonomic nerve system, which plays a vital role in maintaining your body’s health.

Given the importance of a higher HRV, Dr. Daniel Knowles authored a research paper, “Improvement in Heart Rate Variability in 46 Patients Undergoing Chiropractic with NetworkSpinal: A Retrospective Analysis of Outcomes,” and received a tremendous response from many healthcare industry experts.

In this paper, 46 patients received care at Network Family Wellness Center, and they all had various complaints, from musculoskeletal to visceral to asymptomatic.

This study shows that NetworkSpinal care may be an effective method for people to enhance their autonomic nerve system function through adjustment of vertebral subluxation, reorganizing spinal tension patterns, and reducing physiological stress.

How to Schedule a Free Test

If you or your loved ones want to book a free neuroPULSE test, call (303) 998-1000!

Yours in health and wellness,
Drs. Danny & Richelle
And the NFWC Team

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