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Listen Up! Your Body Has a Story to Tell You

closeup of woman's hand on heartYou might be familiar with the map of the disease process and the stages of disease. You might even know how doctors start by determining symptoms, then go on to naming and grading the symptoms in terms of severity before they finally devise a care plan to remove them.

But what if there was a better way to go about health care? The map for disease care does not necessarily show the road to better health and wellness.

Network Wellness Center suggests that the solution to true health, healing, and wholeness can be found a layer deeper than disease removal. What if you shifted your focus from following a symptom-related process to understanding your body’s needs?

You Find the Wrong Answers on the Wrong Map

Disease care is the process of eliminating your experience of your body. It is about immediately (but temporarily) taking away what you feel that you don’t like so your life can be as it was before the pain, symptoms, and distress appeared.

The Path to Continuous Renewal and Vitality

True holistic health is not reliant on a temporary fix. It happens when you wake up, feel everything, and uncover the messages of your body-mind. Whole-body healing involves trust in the wisdom of your body and its rhythms.

Instead of getting caught in a downward trajectory of diseases popping up and spiraling out of control, we think you can fight for a better life. We are confident that there’s a journey you can take that will lead you upward toward a life filled with energy, vitality, and longevity in wellness.

Building a Process for Health, Not Disease

Chiropractor Dr. Donald Epstein is the developer of NetworkSpinal. He set out to create an upward path and perspective on health care that demonstrates the keys to keeping your body healthy rather than simply accepting and caring for symptoms.

In observing tens of thousands of people experience enhanced growth and healing through Network care, Dr. Epstein mapped out a healthcare landscape called the 12 Stages of Healing and Somato-Respiratory Integration.

A New Map That Leads to Health

The disease care process notes changes in the shape, quality, and function of cells in your body as a disease progresses. While this can be valuable, it doesn’t force you to be self-aware.

In the 12 Stages of Healing, you pay attention to changes in how you breathe, move, talk, and experience life. This revolutionary approach hinges on specific exercises that enhance somatic awareness and respiration.

As you become more aware and familiar with your body, you become more connected and whole. Instead of being alienated by how you feel, you can develop trust in your body’s innate abilities and validate your experience as an expression of your body’s wisdom and needs.

It’s a new map. The path requires your attention to your inner self. You will learn to recognize your own breathing, tension, rhythms, gross and subtle body movements, and more.

Listen to Your Body’s Needs

Your body has a story to tell you… you may hear it, but are you listening?

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