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Man Experiences Positive ‘Side Effect' of Care: Improved Outlook

Every day at Network Wellness Center, Boulder’s Top 5-Star rated chiropractic office, practice members get outstanding care from a team with vast expertise optimizing people’s experience of life through their spines and nerve systems.

For Dr. Daniel Knowles and Dr. Richelle Knowles, it’s rewarding to help people of all ages get on the path to a healthier life. Network Wellness Center stands out among other local chiropractor specialists because of the doctors’ unique, holistic, and advanced spinal approach designed to address alignment and neural integrity.

One of the office’s practice members shared his positive experience in a recent video.

Feeling Hopeful for the Future

This man had been under care at the practice for many years, and is happy he returned. That’s because he finally got relief for his discomfort, which impacted his life to the point where he thought he’d have to quit his job.

“I have had much less pain and discomfort all over my body,” he said. He also noticed his general state of being is better, he feels more even-keeled and has an overall better outlook on his life and future. And he didn’t have to quit his job!

The man recognizes that chiropractic made the difference for him. He’s been diving deeper into patient education, which has helped him better understand what’s going on and better utilize the tools he’s provided to exponentially multiply the benefits of his care.

Experiencing Caring Community

This practice member also appreciates the great team and community, the sense of togetherness, and family feeling at the office. “People need that-people need to feel together and to heal together,” he said.

Experience the many benefits of natural chiropractic care! Call (303) 998-1000 today to book an appointment!

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