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One Practice Member Gifted Herself With Life-Changing Care

At Network Wellness Center, Boulder’s Top 5-Star rated chiropractic office, you’ll immediately feel comfortable, at home, and cared for by a team with considerable expertise optimizing people’s experience of life through their spines and nerve systems.

It’s an honor to help people of all ages get on the path to a healthier life. One of the office’s practice members shared her positive experience in a recent video.

Finding Hope & Healing

This practice member had been experiencing discomfort for a few years. The way she felt in her body made her feel so much older. When the woman woke up in the morning, the first thing she experienced was shooting pain in her low back. Her debilitating discomfort made it hard to get out of bed and do anything. Because movement was difficult, she was motivated to come in.

She felt relieved and hopeful when stepping into the practice. “When I got here, I just remember feeling this overwhelming sense of hope. I hadn’t felt hope in a long time,” she said.

Because the woman is very data oriented and analytical, she wanted to see evidence that chiropractic works, so she read various case studies that showed how people’s spines were changed. The data convinced her that chiropractic indeed works and can help people.

Feeling Seen, Cared for and Loved

After 3-4 weeks of getting care, the practice member noticed she was waking up without discomfort. She also now has a huge increase in range of motion in her shoulder, when previously that range of motion was limited.

Although the cost of care was a big investment for her, she realized she is so worthy of living without daily discomfort. “It was a really big gift that I gave myself and I actually really felt it,” she said.

A month after going through care, the practice member got two job offers in one day and hadn’t sent out any job applications. She accepted one of them and doubled her income.

In addition to getting life-changing chiropractic here, the woman also appreciated that she felt “seen, cared for, and loved.” She is so pleased with her experience that she’s recommending the practice to her friends.

Discover how natural chiropractic care may benefit you too! Call (303) 998-1000 today to book an appointment!

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