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One Practice Member Received Holistic Healing Help

Every day at Network Family Wellness Center, Boulder’s Top 5-Star rated chiropractic office, practice members receive exceptional care from a team that possesses considerable expertise optimizing people’s experience of life through their spines and nerve systems.

People of all ages can maximize their health when they receive care from Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles and the Network Family Wellness Center team. The distinctive, holistic, and modern spinal approach to address alignment and neural integrity will make a massive, positive result in your life, as it did for one of the NFWC practice members, who recently shared her positive experience in a video.

Finding That Missing Puzzle Piece


This practice member first came to the office because she believed in the power of chiropractic. She was experiencing neck pain and is healing holistically from autoimmune disease.

Since coming to the practice, she has experienced accelerated healing and feels so much more comfortable in her body. Her lab and test results are so much better. “That’s why I keep coming, because it’s working. I feel so great in my body. I just love these guys; they’re so good,” she said.

A Different Approach to Care

The care you receive at Network Family Wellness Center is focused on a holistic and integrated approach, incorporating techniques that focus on removing spinal tension. There’s also focus on the development and enhancement of your inborn ability to heal, self-organize, and increase self-correction.

The innovative approach at the practice utilizes the latest in cutting-edge chiropractic technologies to ascertain the state of your spinal, neural, and systemic health. The computerized assessment tools at the office allow the doctors to create a picture of your overall state of health, including your variable heart rate and your areas of physical, spinal, postural, and neurological stress.

This information is combined with a detailed health history provided by you to determine your wellness score. This unique number provides you with an assessment of how well your system is performing, and helps determine the most probable causes of your loss of health, which often includes pain, discomfort, and lack of general ease.

The doctors use this three-dimensional set of data to craft a care plan aimed at decreasing and eliminating the tension related to, and caused by, subluxations, to help you channel the healing and reorganizational powers of your innate intelligence.

Discover how chiropractic care may help you. Call (303) 998-1000 today to schedule an appointment!

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