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Our Approach Means More Ease, Less Pain & Greater Function

Many people find our office when they are at a crossroads in their life, when they are unhappy with the status quo and know they have to look toward the unconventional to move forward and grow. That’s what we shared when we were on CBS discussing our specialized approach.

Conventionally, people have associated chiropractic visits with a focus on bones and their position in the body. While that can be effective for temporary pain relief, better movement, or reduced muscle spasm, often the experience can sometimes be jarring, and tends to leave the underlying wounds within the nervous system unaddressed.

Gentle & Effective NeuroStructural Optimization

Our primary focus is what we call NeuroStructural Optimization to help a person heal the underlying wounds in the nervous system that have not been able to adapt to physical, chemical, or emotional stresses during their life.

People are frequently surprised to experience how gentle chiropractic can be with a NetworkSpinal approach. Many people find they have more ease, less pain, and can function better, not just feel better, as they go beyond where they are currently to where they could be with our non-forceful, non-invasive approach.

During this video, one of our practice members shares how she could barely walk after an accident, combined with congenital scoliosis abnormalities, jammed her spine. After treatment, she could feel the difference, and even her scoliosis has shown signs of straightening out on film. We share her experience of her inflammation dropping from a ten to one, as well as her experience of discomfort shifting toward ease.

Locating & Releasing Tension

With NetworkSpinal care at Network Wellness Center, people find help with many things: allergies, asthma, depression, and musculoskeletal pain. However, the focus is not on treating the secondary conditions or symptoms that develop. Instead, we help the body find where it’s storing tension, and help release that tension from the bones, muscles, and nerves through the nervous system.

Our approach helps the nervous system heal its wounds, which helps increase its organizational capacity. People experience life with a stronger, healthy, more well-aligned spine.

As many people know, the spine forms the foundation of their body’s function. When there are obstructions in the neuro-spinal system, it impacts function, healing, and the experience of one’s quality of life.

Are you ready to find help through our unconventional approach?

Take Advantage of Our Special Offer

The first step is scheduling a FREE Spine and Nerve Check-Up, so you and the doctor can see what’s going on with your nerve system and spine, and what needs to change.

Our Spine and Nerve Check includes the following:

  • FREE 15 minute assessment
  • Spine structural assessment
  • Computerized nerve test
  • Brief doctor examination of your neurostructural system
  • Posture assessment
  • Report of findings

Contact us today to book your free Spine and Nerve Check!

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