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The Value of Adopting an Outward Mindset

girl making a heart with her handsEveryone has a time when they’re stretched in their life. When that happens, they either stretch, break, or stop in their tracks. Everyone has hard challenges. When you neglect your body, suddenly health issues become one of the many things that stretch you too thin.

I’ve had severe health challenges that were life-threatening. While growing up, I also experienced relationship difficulties and distressing challenges, such as parents’ divorce.
I’ve had some of the worst of those things, not knowing if I was going to live through them.

One of the things that set me on the path of taking care of people was how my health was turned around with chiropractic as a teen. More recently, I had health challenges with my heart. I don’t think I would have made it through this difficult period had I not received chiropractic care when I was younger.

A Focus on Giving

Everyone has hard days and challenges. I’ve learned what to do when I’m having a challenging day or getting stretched beyond what I can handle. What works for me is to focus on giving and helping others. If I’m paying too much attention to my problems, the best thing I can do is focus on what I can give to others. When I can do that, it helps me turn my state around from an inward-focused one to an outward mindset.

Ways to Help Others

Considering everything that’s been going on in Boulder, even if you haven’t been impacted, the best thing to do is see how you can give to others. Even if you are experiencing issues, such as a mental health or a life challenge, being of service to others can boost your mood and make someone’s day.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Simply smile at others
  • Give someone a compliment
  • Tip your server well or leave a few extra dollars in a tip jar
  • Take a meal to an elderly neighbor
  • Call a friend or loved one to check in on them

The Impact of Chiropractic

Every day, I see people who have their health change for the better with chiropractic care. It can be something as simple as a musculoskeletal challenge, like neck and back pain resolved. It can involve an outlook in life or mental health that improves. It can be a quality-of-life change. I have the privilege of experiencing those kinds of changes and improvements each day.

Here’s an example of the little things that patients say that just light me up. A man came in seeking pain relief. Though his pain didn’t resolve, he told me after two or three visits that his wife said he was a completely different person, that he was calmer and more peaceful. His kids also expressed that he was better to be around. He remarked that while bouncing a tennis ball, he was doing it slower, because he was calmer. Something that small is a profound shift in a person’s life.

Whether you’re experiencing physical discomfort or mental health struggles, we are here for you. Contact Network Wellness Center today at (303) 998-1000 to schedule an appointment.


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