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July Fundraiser: Support PLAY Boulder Foundation

Family having fun at the parkThis July, join us in supporting PLAY Boulder Foundation, an organization dedicated to enhancing our community’s parks and recreation.

Through education, philanthropy, and advocacy, PLAY Boulder works tirelessly to improve public spaces, preserve our environment, and expand access to recreation for all.

How the Fundraiser Works

For a minimum donation of $50, you’ll receive gift cards worth $275 for a NeuroStructural exam at Network Wellness Center. All proceeds go directly to PLAY Boulder Foundation. The fundraiser runs through July, with gift cards valid until month-end at the practice.

The Impact of Your Donation

Your contribution supports vital programs like:

  • PLAYpass: Supporting under-resourced youth in Boulder
  • EXPAND: Enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families in our community
  • Youth Services Initiative: Inspiring young, lower-income citizens to positively impact their lives and communities through recreation, service, and improved health and well-being
  • Tree Trust: Growing Boulder’s urban canopy for a sustainable future

Community Strength and Wellness

The recent pandemic highlighted the importance of community support and well-being. By participating in this fundraiser, you’re investing in your health and the strength of our community.

Patient Testimonials

Jeanine shares:

I came to support my nervous system, to bring me healing, love, openness and care to my body. So far, I feel subtle change happening. I am more aware of my posture, my brain is deeper, and I feel proud of myself for this investment. I feel change happening.

Ben adds:

I came to NWC because holistic, root-cause focused approaches to my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are of the utmost importance in my life, and NWC aligns with exactly that! So far, I have experienced a deeper, fuller breath, heightened posture—with a ½ inch of realized height—more natural physical strength, and more awareness of my body.

Invest in Your Health and Boulder’s Future

Support PLAY Boulder Foundation and invest in your health today. Contact our practice to make your donation and receive your gift cards. Together, we can create a healthier, more vibrant community!

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